B&B Family Farm

B&B Family Farm

Our three-generation family is excited to share our 12-acre lavender farm. The 100-year-old barn provides the northern backdrop to thousands of lavender plants with a breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains to the south. We offer free tours all summer, which include information about growing, processing, cleaning and distilling lavender. Our Shoppe is filled with quality, hand-made lavender products and our one-of-a kind bud-cleaning machine (aka the “jitterbud”) is shakin-all summer, so stop by for a unique educational farm experience.

B&B Family Farm began in 2013 when Bruce and Bonnie discovered this piece of paradise in Sequim, Washington. As one of the original lavender farms on the Olympic Peninsula, and a dairy farm before that, it has a rich history that gives it an authentic charm. With over 14,000 lavender plants in the ground, it is fair to say that it takes the whole family to keep things going.

With no previous knowledge or experience with lavender, Bruce, Bonnie, Kristy and Zion (and their daughter, Harper) decided to embark on this epic adventure to create a family-centered business where they could work together and fulfill their love of nature. The family relied on the kindness and generosity of the previous owners to get them started and teach them the ropes. With some serious research, hard work and passion, the farm has more than doubled the original number of lavender plants and expanded to include a retail farm store, an online shop, and another kid. Bonnie and Kristy oversee all the farm-made lavender products sold in the Shoppe. Zion taught himself to distill essential oil and has won multiple awards for the various varieties of lavender essential oil that are distilled on the farm. Bruce is our everything man, from business to tractor repairs. Each member of the family brings an area of expertise and creates a well-rounded team, including Kristy and Zion’s two children (because distractions are necessary).

We welcome all visitors to come be a part of our farm family, sharing the lavender love.

Farm Open May – September
Please visit www.bbfamilyfarm.com for up to date hours and information.


5883 Old Olympic Hwy.
Sequim, WA 98382