Visit the stunning lavender festivals and fields of Sequim, Washington all summer long! Enjoy U-cut lavender, shop for gifts, learn about farm life, watch essential oil distillation, and much more. The trail leads to something for everyone in the family.

Sequim Lavender Trail

There is no place else in the world like the Sequim Lavender Trail, where you can visit so many unique lavender farms in a short period of time.

Each farm has its own story to tell! Whether it’s farm tours, festivals, picnicking, alpacas, propagation classes, special events and experiences, or essential oil “tasting” – each farm has something special to offer. Guests can meet the farmers and families, ask questions, and learn about the process and lifestyle of lavender farming.

Start planning your visit to the stunning lavender fields along the Sequim Lavender Trail today!

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hummingbird drinking from lavender sprig in foreground, green stems out of focus in background

Sherrie Cerutti

2023 Photo Contest Winner