Sequim Lavender Trail

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The term “Sequim Lavender Trail” clearly defines how we want you, our visitors, to experience the lavender farms and associated businesses in the Sequim Valley. It’s an unhurried, meandering, relaxing and refreshing tour of the many lavender farms that welcome visitors to share our farms and our passion.

The town of Sequim is ideally situated in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We enjoy a moderate climate year-round, with plenty of sunshine and minimal rainfall. With the beauty of the majestic mountains to the south and the Salish Sea to the north, we experience a panoramic view in every direction.

This natural beauty is enhanced by the many lavender farms that dot the valley. The climate of the region is ideal for growing lavender, and each lavender farm has its own unique personality that reflects the surrounding landscape and the vision of the farmers. You’ll want to visit each of the farms to pamper yourself and indulge your senses.

Perhaps one of the most well-known benefits of lavender is its calming effect, and that effect is expressed in the use of the word “trail.” We invite you to stroll through the fields, tour the rural roads that the connect the farms, browse through the gift shops and partner businesses, and experience lavender.

Each of the lavender farms and gift shops are identified on the map, but we have also highlighted favorite restaurants, shops, lodging, and other destinations. We invite you to begin your tour at any point along the trail and celebrate the beauty of the farms and the countryside. Each of our farms look forward to your visit, and we will be delighted to show you around. Come follow the Sequim Lavender Trail and savor the beauty. Then cherish the memories that you’ve made and come back to see us soon.

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