Spring is the Right Time for Planting

Spring is the Right Time for Planting 2018-03-16T05:55:11-07:00

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Young lavender plants at Olympic Heritage Lavender FarmThe spring season is the best time for planting lavender. A spring planting allows dormant potted plants or fresh cuttings to spring back to life without the danger of a hard frost or freezing winter temps. Adding some natural fertilizers like bone meal and chicken manure is an organic way to get your potted plants off to a great start. Make sure you space the plants to give them room to grow. Normally a minimum of 3 to 4 foot is needed between the plants when planting lavender. Weed fabric placed on the ground can save labor and provide weed control later on as the plants are getting established.

One word of caution, if you have raccoons they may want to dig up your plants as they can smell the organic bone meal in the ground. This caused no end of frustration when young lavender plants were first planted along the bluff here at Washington Lavender Farm and the plants kept being pulled out of the ground. Muddy tracks finally identified the nocturnal culprits.

Remember, lavender likes full sun, excellent drainage and sandy, alkaline soil where a pH factor 6.0- 8.0 is ideal. If planting lavender in the spring, you will need to water your plants throughout the summer – drip irrigation is recommended. Watering is not usually necessary once the drought-tolerant plants are established in the ground. Enjoy your beautiful lavender plants season after season with proper care and pruning.

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