Pruning Lavender for Health and Beauty

Pruning Lavender for Health and Beauty 2018-03-16T05:55:11-07:00

Project Description


Pruning is essential to maintaining a healthy and vigorous lavender bush. The secret is to start when the plants are young – this is a yearly project. Plants should be cut back early in the fall before any danger of a hard freeze. A rule of thumb is to cut back 2/3 of the new foliage growth while leaving 1/3 of this new growth on a young plant. As they mature into their third (3rd) year, then you can leave about 1” of the new green growth. Pruning should not be confused with harvesting, and pruning is always necessary to extend the life of the plant. Plants are generally pruned late October, before frost, but can be pruned back early in the spring, generally April or May before flowering. This will help them to set off new foliage growth for the winter and following year. Avoid cutting into the hard wood as can kill your plant. If the plant is 3+ years and has never been properly pruned annually, it probably is best to replace the bush. Remember, over-pruning will most likely kill the plant. Never prune out old wood unless it is completely dead. Here on Washington Lavender Farm we are able to extend the life of the lavender plants through proper pruning.


Three important benefits of pruning:

  1. Keeps your plant vigorous and healthy.
  2. Helps to keep your plant from splitting in half.
  3. Helps your plants stay free from diseases.

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