Practical Tips for Enjoying Beautiful Lavender

Practical Tips for Enjoying Beautiful Lavender 2018-06-10T10:09:34-07:00

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Harvesting lavender at Jarden du SoleilWhen your lavender has blossomed, the flowers have many uses. Left alone in your garden, you will enjoy the beautiful color and wonderful fragrance they add to your landscape. If you desire, you may pick a fresh bouquet of blossoms. Just when the flower blossoms begin to open, immediately place them in a vase with only about ½ inch of water. Remember to trim the bottom of the lavender stem and change the water daily. Regardless if you use the lavender on or off the stem, cut well below the lavender flowers, leaving a long stem from which to hang the lavender for dried bundles or sachet bud.

For lavender to be kept on the stem, harvest when 25 percent or less of the flowers are open. To dry, bundle each handful of stems with a rubber band and hang upside down in a dark place with good ventilation. Once dry, after one to two weeks, the bundles can be used for dried flower arrangements or de-budded for crafting purposes.

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