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Sequim Lavender Farmers Association

The Sequim Lavender Farmers Association (SLFA) is an organization of agritourism lavender farms, working both independently and cooperatively in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Each farm reflects the unique vision and personality of its owners and the surrounding landscape. These destination farms are open to the public throughout the growing season, and many extend their hours well beyond the summer months. Enjoy fields of lavender and lavender products created by the farms.

In July, each farm produces its own lavender festival and provides many forms of educational workshops and demonstrations, crafts, food and beverages, live entertainment, kids’ activities and more. Spend Sequim Lavender Weekend celebrating alongside the farmers, learning about lavender farming and enjoying the fun and entertainment that each farmer has planned for you!

About Sequim Lavender Farmers

We are Sequim Lavender. The Sequim Lavender Farmers Association is an association of lavender farms dedicated to the sustainable farming and production of premium quality lavender, to maintaining the region’s agricultural legacy and to being a significant contributor to and destination for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley agritourism industry.
The Sequim Lavender Farmers Association (SLFA) is a Washington State nonprofit, established with the purpose of returning to the founding principles of growing, marketing, educating people about lavender, and preserving agricultural lands in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley.
Since 1995, the founders of the Sequim lavender farming community have pursued their vision of lavender farms and agritourism to save farm land from mass subdivision and development and at the same time create related events on their farms to share and educate the public, from gardening to crafting to lavender-based products.

We made a promise years ago that we would bring people from all over the world to Sequim to visit, explore, and experience the lavender farms, and millions have come to know and love that experience over the past 20 years. A lot has changed in 20 years, but we have never lost sight of who we are and the promise that we made to each visitor. Our promise to you is that we will continue to maintain and grow our lavender farms and produce the premium lavender-based products that our visitors expect from our farms.

With a keen focus on agritourism and destination lavender farms, the farms featured on this site are also an integral part of the greater community of Sequim and the surrounding Sequim-Dungeness Valley. America’s Provence enjoys an ideal growing climate for lavender, but it is also located at the gateway to Olympic National Park, a million-acre paradise that encompasses majestic mountain peaks, towering sea stacks and crashing surf, miles of trails, serene mountain lakes, lush rain forests, and scenic rivers and streams. As the farms partner with the community, we create a visitor-friendly agritourism climate that beckons visitors to enjoy all that the community and the region have to offer.